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Eureka Forbes

Welcome to M. S. Enterprises!

From the marketeers of Aquaguard (Eureka Forbes)

Introducing FORBES AquaSure  STORAGE WATER PURIFIER. It protects your family's health.

Now get bacteria and virus free water without electricity.

- Removes suspended impurities

- Removes chlorine and organic chemicals

- Destroys bacteria and virus

Eureka Forbes, the marketeers of India's only Superbrand water purification system - Aquaguard, now brings to you Forbes AquaSure - a range of innovative and affordable water purifiers. The Forbes AquaSure Storage Water Purifier gives you and your family safe and purified drinking water. Ordinary filters remove only the impurities suspended in water. Forbes AquaSure Storage Water Purifier not only removes the suspended impurities but also the organic chemicals. It also destroys disease-causing bacteria and virus, thus giving your family protection from harmful diseases.


- Safe and purified drinking water for your family

- No boiling required hence you save on expensive gas

- No electricity required

- No running water required

- Easy to maintain

- Unique indicator that displays level of purified water

- 2 way tap to adjust flow of purified water

- Provision for filling water through pipe

AquaSure Storage:


25 Liters

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M. S. Enterprises (Authorised D.S.A. of Eureka Forbes * Thane (W) * Mumbai * Phone - 22921084